Can you spell success?

Homework, assignment, projects… the average student rarely has either the time or the drive to look beyond the curriculum-structured courses. We at Alton Arch believe it is in the formative years that a child develops his skills, especially when it comes to language. Our innovative programme, the Alton Arch Spelling Bee, works towards turning the English language into an accessory that will help students take progressive steps towards their goals in life. Not just vocabulary, the Spelling Bee programme aims at developing a child’s linguistic and semantic abilities. The concept behind the Spelling Bee dates back to the 1880's when the first Spelling Bee was crowned in 1925 in the United States. Since then, the competition has caught the imagination of students and educators all over the world. Through well-structured rounds, created by language experts, the Alton Arch Spelling Bee works towards equipping a child with comprehensive language skills.

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