About Us

We are an Organisation who look forward to contribute our innovative ideas and efforts to this growing field of education by creating and nurturing various out-of-the-curriculum structured courses and competitions focusing on the development of our young generation.

The Alton Arch introduced in 2015 as a fun and informative way for school students.

Skill development and literacy are essential for a growing economy. We realised that there has been an ever increasing demand from parents for education beyond the traditional school curriculum. Therefore, we have a special focus on moving beyond the curriculum within the broader commitment to achieving lasting client relationships and excellence in product development.

Who we are

The mission of the Alton Arch is to ensure the success of all students through extraordinary service, support, and partnerships.At Alton Arch, our goal is for every employee to be diligently engaged in efforts to ensure the success of all students. This is coordinated through exemplary team effort to help participants acheive their aspirations.

The vision of the Alton Arch is to be a collaborative organization characterized by the highest quality employees providing leadership, programs and services to schools and students. As a “collaborative” organization our aim is to listen, share with, participate in and work together with other educational agencies, professional organizations, governmental entities , parents and students. Public education has many stakeholders and we strive to work cooperatively with all of them in order to ensure that all students succeed.

The work we are engaged in at Alton Arch demands total and complete cooperation among all of us. It requires transparent and professional communication within the organization. It requires us to use important interpersonal skills for self-reflection and self-correction, and observing more closely the response of others when we say or do things. Building that type of relationship takes time, commitment and dedication which comes through experience. That’s why our administrative council has thoughtfully identified three bedrock values which we believe are at the very core of all that we do here at Alton Arch:
• Building relationships that promote trust
• Engaging in open and honest communication
• Focusing on the needs of students and parents